Milestone 4: Lo-Fi Prototype


Lo-Fi Prototype: A first simple form from which varieties arise or imitations are made. (



To begin, the team produced a green paper outlining our proposed solution and justification for the solution. This paper was sent to interested parties for feedback, which was then taken into account during our prototyping session.

We began our lo-fi prototype milestone by developing story boards that we used to test the waters. We showed users the story boards and asked them if they could identify with the story. We then asked them if they would find such a tool/service useful and why. People mostly liked the idea and made interesting comments which gave us more ideas of other useful features and modes of use.

At our protoyping session, we developed a list of features (e.g. showing bike routes, sharing/comparing routes) and design ideas (e.g. using Spark Lines), which we then prioritized in terms of what we could reasonably demonstrate in a lo-fi prototype. We then split the set between the five of us and we spent some time sketching out the various interfaces.

After all the sketches were done, we placed them up on a board and had each person describe their drawings. This prompted more design ideas, which were then noted with a pencil on the drawings.



Below are the paper prototypes we created. They illustrate the basic functionality and uses of the system we are envisioning: