Here is quick look at the team members and why they chose to work on this project.

Sara Alloy

Hi I'm Sara. I graduated in April of 2005 from U-M with my BA in English. Interests include writing (poetry, nonfiction), horseback riding, cooking, and traveling. At this point, I am in LIS, but that may yet change. Career goals are uncertain, but include areas like the availability of medical information to African citizens, Carribean and African art (and how it might be cataloged) and bringing information resources to underdeveloped countries and impoverished areas within the U.S.

Martha Gukeisen

I grew up in Salt Lake City, UT; there I attended Weber State University and earned a bachelor's degree in English. I have worked in universities since my graduation, both in Utah and Texas. Through my work experience, I have developed the technological skills I have now, and now I am attending the HCI program at U of M to develop those skills. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, traveling, and getting off the beaten path.
Ideal Job: I would like a career which integrates the components which I see as critical to my job satisfaction: being involved with people, using technology, and having a venue for creativity.

David Hutchful

I was born in Ghana, West Africa and lived in southern Africa for a while before coming to college in the U.S. I graduated with degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy and I have spent the last four years designing and programming web based applications. I love football (soccer), reading, travelling, architecture, linguistics and I enjoy experiencing different cultures.

Sean Munson

I'm coming to Michigan from Olin College, where I was member of the first graduating class. I think I learned as much about creating a new organization as I did in my major field, Systems Engineering. I was a political blogger for a while, but realized somewhat belatedly that this felt like too much talking at people and not enough talking with people. As a result, my interests shifted towards Internet and community, particularly situations where the combination of online and offline interactions produce social capital and/or support communities. Outside of academics, I like hiking, camping, travel, and good food.

Pieter Kleymeer

Somehow I keep coming back to Michigan. I grew up in northern Michigan and received a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan. I spent a few years in Washington, D.C. working on network technology policy development for the FCC, before heading out to Seattle for a brief stint as a bike mechanic. Somehow those two experiences led me to begin a master's degree back at UofM, studying information economics and policy. My main academic interests lie in creating incentives for public goods production through an understanding of social and community network analysis. Like David, I have a passion for soccer. I also continue to hone in my bike skills, wrenching whenever I can get a break from school.