Hey, call me Zach. If you want to know about me, well there isn't much really. I'm just a regular guy ya know, real no nonsense these days. It used to be that I went out partying all night-but then I met Maria and settled down. That was five years ago. Don't get me wrong, I still hit the bar with my buddies after we get off work at the plant, throw back a couple of beers-but I'm forty, ya know, I'm not as young as I used to be. I work at the power train controls department over at Visteon, and believe me, it's no picnic. Me and the fellas like to say it's like jamming your finger in the control module and twisting. Yeah, it's no picnic. We get healthcare, dental. If I keep on where I am, I'll get stock options. One day, Maria wants kids, and that'll help to send em to college. So they don't have to work in the factory like their pops. Sometimes, I work third shift, which is really bad cuz Maria worries. Not much I can do about it, if I want to keep on to get those stock options. Least, that's what the supervisor says. Maybe he's just blowin smoke up my ass, but for now, we all got our dreams, and thatís mine, them stock options.

We got unionized a few years back, and that set them suits real straight, up there in their high rise offices. They got the message loud and clear, that we wouldn't take no shit from no one. Excuse me, this's suppos'd be formal, right? Let me try again-we wouldn't take anything from anyone. Wouldn't wanna embarrass Maria, ya know? So like I was saying, I drive a candy red Ford F150 with flaresides, bought it eight years ago, used. Boy is it a beaut, and it was a great deal, 'specially since Maria and me, we've only got the truck and that's it. Not having kids, that makes it easier, let me tell you! But like I was sayin, I mostly go to the work, to the bar, and home again. Sometimes Maria takes the cars shopping with her girls on the weekends. She's a waitress at this little diner called Sams. It's near by, so she can walk, cept when it's real cold. She would take the bus to the diner and to shop, but the stop's too far from our house. In the winter, I try and let her take the car more often. And sometimes, a bunch of the fellas and me, we get together with our wives and go bowling, or shoot pool. The girls, they like that, when we all get out together. It's like a family, cuz a lot of us don't have kids. Well, that's pretty much how it is for me. Simple guy, just like I said, ya know?


Zach leaves for work at 5:30am. Tonight, he won't have to work a third shift, but he often does. It's relatively unpredictable when this will happen, so he takes the Ford truck that he shares with his wife, Maria. She prefers to let him have the truck because of his work schedule, and she walks to work at Sams Diner. The diner is just far enough away that it's a burden, but not far enough to be unreasonable. Zach spends all day at work, leaving at 5pm. He decides to grab a beer with his friends, so they heading over to a bar nearby, all driving separately. After a few hours, Zach heads home, where Maria is already sleeping.