Hi, I'm Lexi. I finished my MBA last spring from the University of Arbor Falls, after completing a bachelor's in art and design at Penn State. Now I work as an Assistant Designer at a multimedia marketing firm in downtown Arbor Falls. I just broke up with my college girlfriend, Chrissy. The relationship got to be too much of a strain on both of us. She's still in school at Penn State, and the long distance just didn't work for us. To take my mind off the break up, I've been trying to stay busy lately, so my evenings and weekends are always full. I love the Aut Bar, which is just down the street from my office. In addition to being a great gay bar, the food is outstanding. It's more of a weekend spot, although sometimes my friends from work will come too. They like the food, so they don't mind.

On most weekdays, I walk to Rush Street after work for happy hour. I always make sure to go with the right crowd-play with the big boys, so to speak. I am still new at the firm, but the managers in most departments know who I am. I work hard, long hours when a project needs it, but I know I have to show what I'm made of in and out of the office. On weekends, I go out with the girls to somewhere with good music. Most places don't play the French pop I like, like Les Savy Fav, but there's enough good music around that we find some place to go. Right now, I live alone in a nice studio apartment about eight blocks from my office. It's big for one person, but maybe after Chrissy graduates, she'll consider moving out here and we can try the relationship thing again. Even though work is close, I drive a 2006 Toyota Camry and pay $30 per month to park in the garage close to my building. It's just more convienient than walking, especially in the winter.


Yesterday Lexi got up and got ready for work like usual. Grabbing her keys and heading out the door about 8:35 am. She drives her Camry to work and parks in the garage. She stops at Starbucks to grab a grande soy latte before stepping into the office at 8:52 am. She works hard for a three and a half hours, then joins her boss and some co-workers to go for lunch. They split into two cars-Lexi makes sure to ride with her boss for the ride over. After some Indian cuisine and a beer, they head back to the office. The rest of the day grinds by, and at 5:45 pm she heads out the door. It is early in the week, and no one is hitting happy hour today, so on the way home she calls some friends to make plans for dinner. She goes home to change, then drives back out to meet her friends at the restaurant (back downtown). After eating dinner, they take advantage of the drink specials at a couple bars before going home for the night. Once she gets home, Lexi checks her work email before heading to bed.