My name is Alexander Rice and I'm 42 years old. I'm a partner at Rice, Browne and Platt, and commute from Arbor Falls to Detroit where our main office is located. We specalize in corporate law, acting mostly as consults to large companies. It's a lot of long hours, but it gives me the the ability to provide a nice life for my wife and three children. Growing up, my parents struggled to make ends meet, so it's important to me that my family live comfortably. I've been married for fifteen years to Suria and we have three beautiful children, twelve year old Assata and 8 year old Malik, and four-month old Attallah. We live in a brick five bedroom, three bathroom house with a large yard and a park nearby. Because we have so much space, we've been thinking of getting the kids that puppy they kids have been asking for.

Suria has a lot more time to spend with the children than I do, as I'm often working long hours at the office. I really wish I had more time to spend with the kids and sometimes I wonder if I'm compromising my relationship with them for work. Assata and Malik don't seem to mind, but when Attallah gets a little older, I'm going to try and be home more for her. I drive my Lexus RX 400h to work, because the 45 minute commute gives me time to clear my head. It's often the only time I get to myself during the day. It's a hybrid and handles like a dream. It was the only way Suria would let me buy it (we try and do what we can for the environment). The kids also like it, because it has a lot of room. We try and take road trips once a year. Last year, we went to the Grand Canyon. Suria wanted to fly, but I really think there's nothing like driving cross country. This year, we're thinking Disney Land, because Attallah will be able to enjoy that too.

On Monday and Wednesday nights, Assata has ballet and Malik has soccer, and while Suria used to take them in her Toyota Highlander, with the new baby, I now take them as often as I can. Assata just started horse back riding lessons on the weekends, so that ads to our schedule. Both of the kids also take piano lessons, but those are more flexible. I know sometimes Suria gets annoyed with how busy I am, but she doens't mind spending the money I make either. Don't get me wrong, my wife and I have a wonderful relationship, it's just that my job and the new baby have put a strain on things lately. As it is, life is complicated, but we make it work.


Alexander leaves for work at 6am, to avoid traffic. Since today is a Monday, Assata and Malik will have ballet and soccer. Atatallah has been sick recently, so Suria's asked Alexander to come home early from work to take the kids to their activities. Alexander leaves work at 3pm to account for traffic on I-94, although he might leave anywhere between 4 and 7pm, depending on how much work he has. He makes it home quickly for a weekday, but still feels rushed in getting the kids to their activities.

Because Suri's been stressed about Atallah's health, she's short with Alexander and he hurries to leave to avoid her. Assata is on time to ballet, but Malik is late to soccer because of traffic. By the time he drops the kids off, he has enough time to swing by Taicho, the couple's favorite Sushi restaurant, and pick up dinner. Dropping it at home for Suria, he heads back out to pick up Assata from her hour-long ballet practice, and they watch the last 30 minutes of Malik's soccer practice (an hour and a half) before heading home. He grabs Boston Market for the kids so Suria won't complain about them eating healthy (McDonalds would have been faster and cheaper), and heads home for the night.